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At the heart of the Cotes du Rhone, Sablet is a charming Provencal village with narrow streets, cobbled called, is spiral wound to the church dominated by a squat bell tower topped by an ornate bell. Here is the good life that comes everyday. How, indeed, did not want to stop in such a town whose motto “Fidelis and Tutis” is already full of promise?

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In November 2003, Marlies and Johannes Sailer close oustalet The Gigondas from which to Sablet.
In FĂ©vrier2004, Johannes Sailer and his wife moved to Marlies Sablet. Seduced as much by the rare charm of this village by the spirit of place that opens onto a terrace shaded by plane trees, they are convinced that their loyal customers for eight years and approves their decision follows in Sablet